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Live Umbilical Stem Cells


What are umbilical stem cells and how do they work?

Stem cells come from umbilical cord donations. They accelerate the initiation from the resting phase (telogen) of hair growth to the growth phase (anagen) of hair growth, increase the number of hairs, and increase the expression of proteins which trigger hair growth. Stem cells can regenerate the hair follicle bulb. Stem cell therapy potentially provides an alternative therapeutic method for the treatment of alopecia .1  


Why use umbilical stem cells?

Umbilical stem cells duplicate themselves every 22-28 hours for up to 65 generations or more. A person who is 50 years old or order’s bone marrow aspirate, and adipose fat-derived stem cells multiply at a slower rate of 3 to 5 days for only 11 to 13 generations.


Are umbilical stem cells safe?

Umbilical stem cell products come from Umbilical Cord Blood donations from healthy babies delivered by C-section. The umbilical cell cord blood is obtained via a non-invasive, simple, and painless procedure after the baby is safely born. After prior authorization for donation is obtained (represented by the mother of the newborn child), collection of the donor tissue is performed in an aseptic manner by an appropriately licensed establishment. These donations are obtained under informed consent and according to strict ethical guidelines and protocols. Donor eligibility is carefully evaluated a s required by the FDA in accordance with AATB standard and applicable state guidelines. Tissue donors are evaluated for high-risk behaviors. Screening includes a review of the donor’s medical and social history, a physical assessment, serological screening for infectious disease, and tissue collection microbiology to ensure the umbilical stem cells are free of communicable disease.


How many umbilical stem cell treatments are required?

The number and frequency of treatments required depend on the area and condition to be treated.

Cost of treatment - The cost of the treatment(s) depends on the area and number of treatments in the proposed treatment plan.



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